Thursday, February 28, 2008

Naked Naturals

Oh, I hear it now..."Rachel Ann, you are blogging about being naturally naked or naked in nature?"

No, no, no!!!


Well, kind of....since you get naked to experience this product! (Collective gasp heard 'round the world!!)

Ok, back this train up...I'll explain! naked naturals is a great new natural shampoo on the market. I was given a sample of all natural Awapuhi & Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner. I am always up for experiencing new shampoo...I seem to have problems with dandruff, keeping color stay in my hair, and just plain thin blah hair. Now, I know that there are no miracle remedies out there, but there are definitely products that help enhance what you do have to make it look nicer, stronger, smoother and shinier! I used the shampoo last night and this morning and it really is pretty good! It didn't take me into shampoo ecstasy, but it was a nice feeling (yes, shampoo does make your hair "feel") when using it!

This all natural shampoo not only makes your hair seven times stronger but it is made without chemicals and sulfates. Instead it is made with a product called Keravis...a plant protein that Naked Naturals has exclusive to its line! So, go on out and try something that will not only help you but it also helps the environment by staying away from those nasty chemicals. Us Washingtonians can buy it at Walgreens or you can find it at their website.

This picture is of my sample before using it. I thought it might not be appropriate of me to take a picture of my USING it in the SHOWER (plus my camera would get wet....DUH!!!) LOL!!

Have fun getting naked naturally in your shower!

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