Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year!

Happy Leap Year!

So let's analyze this. Who thought it would be a good idea to have an extra day in the year, once every four years? Does it really, truly help with the gravitional pull of the Earth or whatever story they tell us?

What about all those poor babies who are going to be born today? These children aren't going to officially have another birthday until they turn 4!!! Imagine, they have to celebrate either a day early or a day late....ok, let me get off my soap's not like I'm having a child today or anything! :0

Do you think anybody scheduled their wedding for today? No way, no how would I do that!

Anywho....enjoy a game of leap frog today in celebration of Leap Year!

NOTE: This is my 900th post...only 100 more till 1000!!! Whoo---hooo!


Nina said...

My second oldest was born on leap year and he is very excited to FINALLY get to celebrate his true bday. Scott and I are sitting in the airport while I write this on our way to see him :O)

Have a great Leap Year day :O)

Rachel Ann said...

So, does he like having a leap year birthday? I'm all about birthdays, I feel like I would get cheated. However, knowing you, you probably do it up good!!!

Where does he live, and how long do you get to see him for? Have a good and safe trip!

Nina said...

He does like having his birthday on Leap Year for the novilty of it. We celebrate it on the 28th every year.

This year we visited the kids' in AZ and on Friday they fly up to visit us and we will do the BIG Bday thing then :O)