Tuesday, February 05, 2008

No Pop!!!

One of my goals this year was to get healthy (healthier than now)....and one way for me to do that was to cut out pop. I've tried this before and haven't been as successful as I'd like (notice, I didn't say failed!).

Well, my last day drinking pop was New Year's Eve! That's right! No pop since the beginning of the year....it has actually been fairly easy. I would have thought that the first couple of weeks would be the hardest; however, it wasn't until about a month in that I was craving it the most. More than likely it was because it was that time of the month for me, and cravings come out like a MONSTER!!! LOL!

This is just a start for me. I definitely know that there are more ways to be healthier with me eating; however, I feel comfortable taking it one step at a time. Maybe once the snow melts I'll start walking...it is kind of hard to tromp through snow and ice right now...plus it is FREEZING cold!


Marcie said...

WHOOHOO!!! You know (and I know you are going to roll your eyes @ this comment) but when I stopped drinking pop I lost 3 lbs nearly instantly. Shocking really.

Now you just have to give up coffee.....hmmmmm nah better not...

Rachel Ann said...

Yeah, don't get too crazy on me now (as I sit here drinking a bought coffee..because my coffee pot is still in Puyallup!)