Monday, February 11, 2008

Townhouse Pics

Here are just a few pics (until I take some more...sorry, I've been bad at taking pics) of my new townhouse.

This is my new kitchen table...there is actually another chair; however, it has been commandeered to act as a TV stand right now!

I found the cute candles on clearance...and they match so well!
This is a view of half the living room and kitchen...the hallway to the right leads to the front door and stairs to the second floor.

there are two bedrooms upstairs, the master bath and the washer/dryer (which came with the place...who-hoo!).


Nina said...

Your place looks sooo cute! Love the table with the chair-bench combo :O)

Marcie said...

I love it! Thanks for the pics! Wink Wink!!
And it has extra bedrooms so I can come & visit. Once it stops snowing like crazy over the pass of course.

Rachel Ann said...

Of course you can come visit!!! You can even bring James and Noah if you really, really wanted to!!