Friday, March 21, 2008


No sillies, I don't have amnesia!!!

But there is a new game show called Amnesia. It airs Friday nights at 8pm on NBC! Why do I tell you this?

Good Question!

Tonight's contestant is Shannon Kapp, my pastor from Oceanside, CA! He filmed the show while I was still down in Cali, so we've known about it for months, but they haven't been able to give us too many details! I do know that he won some cash, but don't know how much!

He is one of those people you will actually like to watch. Cuz he is stinkin' funny and has a great personality. Plus, come on...he is a PASTOR on TV and ACTS like one without being "religious"!!!

So go don't have anything better to do on a Friday night (well, ok you might...but do it tomorrow night!)
PS...I was trying to find a picture without Dennis Miller (the host) because I'm not a big fan of his; however, I couldn't find one. So I "borrowed" this picture from NBC!!!

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