Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fortune Cookies

Last night Maddy, Mason and I went out to dinner so their Mom and Dad could have some time together. We went to a Chinese restaurant where Mason pretty much had a plate of fruit (he cracks me up...he gets fruit and not much else every time we go out!) and Maddy had some noodles and a few other bites and then was asking me for ice cream.

At the end of our dinner we got fortune cookies of course, and I was reading Masons to him and Maddy was reading hers. I told Mason that his fortune said "You are the handsomest boy around." and he said, "No, I'm the bestest boy you know!" I agreed wholeheartedly.

Then Maddy was reading hers and we got to talking about fortunes that she got when she was younger (Interpretation: fortunes Auntie Rachel read to her before she could read). Her comment on Mason's fortune was, "I just to get fortunes like that ALL the time!" Meaning that her fortunes (every time Auntie read them) said, "You are the most beautiful Princess around!" She said it like her fortune should be that, and I don't think she has caught on yet that I made up her fortune every time! I love her innocence and belief in herself, that YES she is the most beautiful Princess around!

My fortune last night? "You are pretty" In my opinion....a lame fortune!

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