Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wanted: Rodeo Buddy

I was looking at the Puyallup Fair's website today (you do realize that the Spring Fair is coming next month: April 17-20!!)...anywho...back to the original fair....

I was looking through the rodeo events and noticed that you can buy a season's pass to all five rounds of the rodeo, PLUS entrance to the two country concerts. Chris Cagle will be playing after the rodeo on Friday Sept 5th and Bucky Covington will be playing Sat Sept 6th. The cost for all five rounds and two concerts is only $95! Personally, I think this is a great deal!

However, I need someone who wants to go with me!!! My normal Rodeo/PBR friend Brittany is heading off to college in August. My friend Barbara who sometimes goes with me to events like this will be taking care of her daughter (my friend Holly) who will be having her baby right around there sometime!

So anyone out there want to do this with me? Or do you know any SINGLE, 30 something guys who want to go? :)

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