Sunday, November 16, 2008

Claim Jumper

You've heard me say this before...but I love life outside of Moses Lake! One of the reasons is because of the multitude of restaurants to choose from when going out to dinner....ohhh....yum yum! On Saturday night we decided to go out to dinner to Claim Jumper at Redmond Town Center. If you haven't been to Claim need to is FABuLOUS!

This is Shannon, Holly's cousin from Oregon. She is an avid scrapper, teacher (both real school and scrapping stuff!) and she travels all the way up from OR for this every year...but then again, we travel down to Portland in March for the CKC there.

Barbara...Aren't you excited that we introduced to this wonderful world of crafting and TOOLS!?!!Me!!! I love this little brown shrug...I found it on CLEARANCE for $6...what a deal!'s Miss Elly and her Momma Holly. Elly didn't want too much to do with Auntie Rachel this's a good thing I have healthy self-esteem and understand babies don't always do too well outside of home...because every time I held her she screamed!



Nina said...

I LOVE to eat at Claim Jumpers! It use to be one of my fav. restuarants in WA.

BTW, your shrug is too cute and even better when you can get something awesome for a great price. Glad to see your having a great time! :O)

Ronnica said...

That shrug IS cute! Of course, I like pretty much anything brown. (When I typed that I typed "green." I have know idea where that came from!)