Saturday, November 22, 2008

Road Trip Calling My Name

Oh SuuuuuuuuSaaaaaaaaaNaaaaaaa!!!

Can you hear me yelling at you (in NC) all the way from WA State????

OMG!! I have discovered the perfect road trip...and come hell or high water (or Jesus coming back!) Susana and I are going.

**SIDE NOTE** Don't you love BFF's that plan things then tell you about it later???

Ok...last night on HGTV they were showcasing what people found at a garage sale! Not just an ordinary garage sale mind you, but a FOUR day garage sale covering FIVE states over SIX hundred miles of garage sales. Oh be still my heart...I thought I might have died and gone to garage sale heaven! It is called the Endless Garage Sale of 127 (127 being the highway).

This thing goes from Ohio to Alabama! Next year, 2009, it is running from August 6--9th, and I want to be there! I figure I can fly to NC (with empty suitcases of course), met up with my BFF Susana and drive from there! Whatcha think?



FanFREAKINtastic is what I say!

Look...we can stop at this nifty coffee shop...I'm sure it's no Cafe Espana...but is COFFEE when you are driving the ENDLESS GARAGE SALE!

So BFF are you in? Or are you shaking your head thinking, "How the heck did God give me a BFF like Rachel!"



I want to go too!

Anonymous said...

I've actually heard of this! Start packin' your bags Rachel!! I bet Maria would even make us take her along!

Blue Castle said...

I've seen this advertised and have tried to convince my husband that we should rent a uhaul trailer and go. :) He's totally unimpressed. I think this would be the funnest thing to do - ever. Hope you girls have fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I have heard about this for awhile now, Ex-HGT Junkie that I am! People come from all over. Alot of shop owners go. There is one garage sale that goes along way on Route 66. Is this the same one you are talking about?
Too much fun. :)