Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Early Birthday Quentin!

This is my "nephew" Quentin...his Momma, Sarah, is one of my good friends from college! He is going to be 1 on December 17th...isn't he cute?

Sorry the pictures are grainy...they are once again taken with my camera phone! When I was on the other side of the mountains last weekend Sarah and I went out to lunch after church...of course we went to Red Robin (we always go to RR together). Quentin was given a balloon to play with and he had a blast!
Reaching for that elusive balloon!

Look Momma, I got it!

Now isn't that just one of the cutest babies you've ever seen? He's one of those babies that have those big apple cheeks that make you want to pinch him and squeeze him...hmm, I think I might have done just that!
He is a great baby...we were at RR for almost two hours and he was great the whole time!
Happy Birthday Quentin!
I love you...Auntie Rachel

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Rachel Ann said...

Love that last pic...classic.