Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Remember to count your blessings today!

Driving home today:

Me: "Mason, what are you thankful for?"

Mason: "God. And Food. And God."

Me: "Are you thankful for anything else?"

Mason: "Yes, God and food" (I kind of got the impression that Mason thinks God provides our food...which he does!)

Me: "Yes, God is a good thing to be thankful for. Do you know what thankful means?"

Mason: "It means that we thank them and they love us."

Me: "So are you thankful for anything or Dad?"

Mason: "Yes, because they protect me. And God...and food!"

There you have it...God and food...the top two things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!


Marcie said...

spoken just like a true man!! Right to the tummy..from God of course!
too cute!!

flickrlovr said...

So cute! He's definitely in on the 2 important things :)

God's Girl said...

I love it! Hey at least he has it right! So cute.