Monday, November 03, 2008

Persistence Pays Off...

Well persistence and stalking Walmart!

I live in a small town (right around 18,000) and we don't have many options for stores, so more often than not it is off to Walmart we go. Not my favorite place to shop...but hey, beggars can't be choosers right?

During the Halloween season I saw this nifty red cape at Walmart for only $15. Not a bad price. However, I really had no need of if it this year...and buying it would be too much on top of all the other Halloween crap I already bought!

Being the thrifty person I am I know that all Halloween stuff goes on clearance the day after! So I rushed down to Wally World and dug through ALL, and I mean ALL there stuff...but NO nifty red cape! I even looked through the carts of crap just sitting there! I was kind of bummed...but hey oh well, life goes on!

Today I thought I'd go look just one more time and perhaps one will have miraculously appeared. Well I'll be a monkey's uncle (ok....why do we say that?!!?) as soon as I walked towards the Halloween stuff and the costumes hanging I immediately spotted my nifty (I love the word nifty) red cape (did I mention this nifty red cape has a hood? and is velvet crush? ). So I nabbed it and only paid $7.50...ohhh, I'm so excited for next year. I'll have to think of a good costume between now and then!

Sorry that the picture isn't that great...I was too lazy to get the real camera out and download said picture, so I just took it with my camera phone!


Momma Chae said...

Ahh, why wait until next year? There's nothing wrong with wearing a cape on a Tuesday! :)

Ronnica said...

Okay WE don't say "I'll be a monkey's uncle," just you (and whoever you've heard it from). I've never heard that!