Friday, November 07, 2008

Look What I Won!!

(photo courtesy of Terra Furnishings)
Lookie, lookie!
I got a comment on my last post this morning saying I won this cool wine holder! I entered a contest a few weeks ago (and all that really know me, know that I LOVE entering contests!) over at Terra had to leave a comment about being eco-friendly.
My comment? Something like this: "I have been listening to my friend share all her (That would be you Marcie) eco-friendly tidbits. And I have started to use re-usable grocery bags".
I decided to get it in I can't wait till it gets here!
In the words of London Tipton (if you have to ask who that is then don't bother!)..."YEAH ME!"


Cassoulet Cafe said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :) And those wine bottle holders are very cool!

Tracy said...

Yeaaaaaa for winning the wine holder, hope you enjoy it.

Have a great weekend!

Marcie said...

Yay ME!! I mean, yay YOU!! But NEAT prize!! I don't drink wine, but I think the holder is really unique.

Rachel Ann said...

"If you even have to ask who that is, then don't bother..." - oh, I KNOW who that is!

This is an awesome wine holder. Love it.