Sunday, April 05, 2009

Photographing HOPE!

Adrian over at Adrian's Crazy Life is hosting a giveaway for a $25 gift card to Macys! I love Macy's clearance rack!

Adrian is a Fishful Thinking Mom-bassador! I've mentioned Fishful Thinking before..they are encouraging parents (and adults in general) to motivate their children to become more positive and more active in their children's lives!!!

Adrian asked that we go over to Fishful Thinking and choose an activity to do with our children or modify for ourselves if we don't have kids!!!

I chose....

Photographing Hope:

Children create vivid images of the material objects they desire, but they have a harder time visualizing personal goals, such as "Getting an A on a test" or "Being kind to the new girl at school." To make the goals more real, use a camera to capture thoughts in action. For example, if your child is determined to "do better" in math class, talk about what "better" means. Then, take a photograph of a mock-up of a test paper or report card that represents the improvement in math. That photograph becomes the physical representation of the goal. Then, take pictures of your child engaging in strategies (representing pathways thinking) that might help attain the goal. For example, take a photograph of your child when reading the math book, practicing math problems, or using objects to solve problems. Also, take pictures, which could be funny staged pictures, of your child looking determined or confident (representing the agency thinking that drives goal pursuits). Then, have your child take pictures of people (teacher, friends, sibling or mentor) who are helpful when trying to succeed in math (these people are sources of agency). Finally, have your child arrange the photos on a poster board with pathways photos first followed by a plus sign, then agency photos followed by an equals sign, then the first picture taken, the goal picture (pathways + agency = goal). Each time your child works on math, talk about the many photographs and thoughts that make up academic success.

To modify for myself....I am going to use this as a scrap book starting point! I am having many things to hope for....

Gods destiny for my life
My teaching certificate
A house!

and many, many more....

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Adrian's Crazy Life said...

What a great post. I've put you in for an additional five entries for my giveaway.