Thursday, April 02, 2009

Argosy Tour

The first activity we did with our Seattle City Passes was a one hour Argosy Harbor Tour aboard the Spirit of Seattle Here is the boat we went on....had to walk down this tremendously long, steep gangplank! The ship could hold almost 500 people; however, there were maybe 50-75 of us on this trip around the sound.

Here we have Brandon, Ernie, Dajia and Shannon looking totally excited to be headed out to open seas!

This is Maddy's, "I'm going to DIE" look!

She was so insistent that the boat was going to tip over and that we were all going to die. Being the good Auntie that I am I told her that at least we would all be in Heaven together if we did die!!
Isn't she a cutie patootie!

I think this may be one of the rare moments that she actually stood still the entire weekend and let me take her picture properly. The rest of the weekend was spent trying to get her to stay still!

Here is my other cutie...he always has a great big smile for me!

That big blob out on that buoy is a sea lion lounging in the sun!

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Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

I tried to get Ash to go on this but she wouldn't walk the plank.