Thursday, April 02, 2009

My Little Snow Leopard...

My treat to the kiddos while at the zoo was something from the giftshop. Of all the things in the store Mason chose this Snow Leopard face mask!

We went to the zoo on Sunday and he wore it the rest of the day, Monday in the car and at the hotel, and all day Tuesday! He was so cute in it!
He wasn't so sure of my idea for him to "hide" in the bushes and pretend to jump out at me! We had to wait for everyone, and I mean everyone, to leave the area so that I could take his picture!

Oh, so super scary!!!

Please don't eat me.....
Once he got used to the idea he had me take his picture throughout the park...this is my little snow leopard over by the Elephants!Yes, even Dajia had to get in on the is a baby snow leopard that I brought home from the zoo!

Do you think they've noticed she is missing? And of course...ME!!

How could I resist such a photo opportunity?