Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Zoo

On Sunday, after the Aquarium we headed over to Woodland Park Zoo (which by the way took us almost an hour to get to because: A...we had to stop for lunch...B...people didn't know how to get there and C...people had to keep turning around to get on the right street!!!)Dajia and Mason visiting some long lost relatives in the Gorilla exhibit!
The tiger came out for a few seconds!
Big huge crocodile, who I'm sure was thinking..."How can I jump out of here and bite Rachel?"
The whole way to the zoo all I heard from Mason was how much he wanted to see the LIONS!!! We got a long view of them, then were able to get a little bit closer...he was totally excited!
Do I or Don't I?

Should I feed them to the Elephant?

Nope..the elephant would probably spit them out!!
We only saw one elephant this day! Why is it that Elephants are so dang fascinating?
Hungry, Hungry Hippos!

Sorry Mom, I have to rat you out!!!

When we were observing the Mom asked if the hippo in the back was fake or not!! was too funny!
The giraffes were out, but not in a very good spot for picture taking!
These two flamingos were duking it out.

Do you find it as fascinating as I do that flamingos stand on one foot? I wonder how they keep their balance?

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Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

The Woodland Park Zoo is good but have you gone to the Oregon Zoo? Awesome. i love flamingos....