Thursday, April 02, 2009

Experience Music Project

With the City Passes we had the choice of EMP (Experience Music Project) or the Flight Museum...we chose EMP!! Did you know that EMP now has a Science Fiction Museum as well?

Susana...we need to go back...I think you would like the Science Fiction part of the museum...and it wasn't there when we went!

This is the view of the guitar monument from the 2nd level...hundreds of guitars along with other instruments (keyboards, bass guitar, etc)...very cool!

These two crack me up!

They have no idea what they are listening to, they just thought they needed to put all the headphones on that they saw. They actually sat and listened for quite some time!

EMP was fun; although it isn't the greatest place for the younger guys...they don't understand everything...but oh well!
Here is Rock Star #1

We were in one of those jam session rooms that you get for 10 minutes at a time...all three of the kids...Maddy, Mason and Dajia were playing the keyboards...quite LOUDLY!!

Rock Star #2

Mason was really getting into it

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