Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spring Break

Spring Break!!

Well, you wouldn't be able to tell it was Spring Break this week with the SNOW falling on April 1st...but I digress!

Last Friday our entire, my sister and all her brood headed over the pass and into Seattle for a few days of fun. We bought Seattle City Passes and spent a busy weekend going from place to place to place. We even stayed in a hotel (which is totally my idea of camping out!)

Saturday morning, our first day of fun, we started out by heading to Pike's Place Market!

**NOTE** There are multiple blog posts and pictures for our weekend!!!

Which way is it to the Market?

Brandon and Ernie are no fun....I tell them to point and they just look at me funny and don't do it!!!
Here I am....I didn't get in a lot of the pictures this weekend! But I always take at least one of myself!
These two look like they might be planning something bad to get themselves in trouble...hmmm
Oh look, I told you they looked like they were getting into trouble!

I think they were trying to escape the parking they thought they were going to do that I'm not sure!
Wow! Rare Seattle sighting of Brandon and Brittany together (voluntarily!)

Please Aunt Rachel..the weekend hasn't even started and you are taking way too many pictures!

Again..the rare Brittany! Do you find it odd that you can only see one eyeball? I do!!

She got a haircut later this weekend from Aunt Camille and you can now see both eyeballs!
Do I measure up?

The famous pig by the flying fish people!! Woot-Woot!

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