Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Work Party

Our Christmas work party was on Saturday the 22nd. We had a sit down dinner, a bar and dancing. We also had a gift exchange...some people don't put a lot of effort into their gift. I got a Hickory Farms box set (not too bad); however, it wasn't even was just rolled up in the plastic store bag...oh guys!!!

I found a new dress at Fashion Bug...I went shopping the Wednesday before and everything in the store was 50% off, including clearance. I found this dress for half of the clearance price, for a grand total of $15.00...WOW...quite the steal!

Shannon and I both went and had our hair done. I like how it turned out, even though it was a bit more than I was expecting. I don't think I've had my hair done since Shannon's first wedding in 1994...time flies.

Lots of dancing this night...most of it was Latino dancing (aka...Mexican music) so I didn't feel comfortable dancing to that. However, Juan kept asking me (yes, he had QUITE a few drinks that night) so I kept having fun and dancing with him. Even though it isn't the best picture, I am including this one to prove that I was out there on the dance floor!!

This is Armando and my sister practicing their dance steps.


Marcie said...

Swanky!!! Looks like it was fun! Glad you got all dolled up and shaked your groove thing!!

Marcie said...

I forgot to tell you we called Chipo on C-mas eve (here) and DANG girl didn't stop screaming for like a full minute! It was great! She acted like phones were a new thing or something! LOL! She is always surprised to get a call from someone Stateside I guess!

Rachel Ann said...

LOL....she told me you called her Christmas Eve. I called her on Christmas morning (night for her) and she did the same every few minutes she said, "I can't believe we are talking on Christmas Day". You'd think I've never called her before...LOVE THAT GIRL!!