Sunday, December 09, 2007

Team #5

Team #3 was Dan O., Justin and Kristy! So, this is probably one of the most disturbing houses built this weekend....but one of the most talked about! It was almost as if Justin and Kristy were one team (they built the house) and Dan was his own team...he built the Dragon...Yes, that is a dragon outside of the house. The name of this house? Seymour Butts!

Explanation needed?!?

In this gingerbread neighborhood, dragons were obviously a problem, and the two little gingerbread children did not wan the dragon to eat their home, so they defeated the dragon....cut his head off and mounted it outside the house (because you know it was too big to mount inside of the house, duh!). So those two objects on top, with blue, are the gingerbread children showing their prowess as dragon hunters. The dragon head is actually a head of cauliflower! The gross stuff you see off to the right is the dragon's brains, of course! (Chili was used!). The lips were made out of two donuts...candles lit the sides of the dragons mouth (Dan proved they were edible candles, by taking a bite!) and of course a snake is coming out of the dragon's mouth (why? hmmm, not quite sure about this one!). Like I said, a bit disturbing! And even more so was the fact that the cutesy houses' value was highly depreciated by being situated between Seymour and the Jerky Factory!

Team #5 won the award, "Best use of Non-traditional Food Items"

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