Monday, December 10, 2007

Look Mom, I got INKED!

Mason and I were looking through a skater catalog tonight....lots of stuff inside for the skater and snowboarder. There were clothes...boards....shirts...etc, etc... Well, there were quite a few things in the catalog that had skeletons on it.

So Mason and I decided, well I decided, to give Mason a tattoo!

I was just going with the head of a skeleton; however, Mason really wanted the rest of the body done as well! I was just going to do something that would be covered by his shirt; however, he wanted me to do more and I did! LOL. You gotta have fun when you are a kid, and pen (yep, black pen) tattoos are some of the best fun you can have.

OUCH!!! If I close my eyes, will it not hurt????

A full arm tattoo! Hmm...I wonder what he might really get in ink once he is old enough?

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Nina said...

I can't let Bella see this or she will never stop bugging me to tattoo her :O) Good for you to make his day (or until it comes off) and having fun. BTW, good job with the tattoo...maybe you should apply for the open position on Miami Ink :O)