Sunday, December 09, 2007

Team #2

Team two consisted of married couple...Clayton and Katie! Their gingerbread house was actually named, "O Boy, O Rudolf Jerky Factory". Again, the imaginations of our builders was astounding.

Yes, it is a jerky factory, more specifically it was a reindeer jerky factory. Sadly, the reindeer go in as live animals and come out as, well...jerky!

The manager of this factory is Mr. Smiley..who really isn't a very nice guy. He is a very hard manager who oversees the gummies who work diligently on the factory line. You are probably noticing the processing line, where dried jerky, jerky patties and some other kind of jerky is coming out.

Unfortunately, if a gummies numbers are low or they aren't working hard enough their fate is sealed out back behind the factory. You might not be able to tell in this picture, but that is a gummy body on top....blood dripping down, leading to the decapitated gummy head. That poor, poor gummy!

Team #2 won the award, "Best adaptation of Last Year's Penguin Massacre" (You don't want to know about the sad penguin massacre)

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