Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Honoring other Religions

So I was talking about Christmas cards with my sister today. Actually, I was addressing her envelopes and was getting names from her of those she is mailing to. I asked about a certain individual and she said, "No, he is a Muslim. He doesn't want a Christmas card." My response was hey, send him a card anyway and in big letters write "God Bless You and Jesus Loves You." At the time I was being a bit facetious. However, I think that if I had friends that were Muslim or of other religions that don't celebrate Christmas or recognize that Jesus is Savior that I would send them a card anyway and let them know that I was thinking of them during this season and that Jesus does love them. Do you need to give a sermon and an altar call inside of a card? No, just a simple message.

So do we remain a polite society that honors all religions no matter if they believe in Jesus Christ or do we push the envelope and let ALL who don't believe know that we do believe?!? Me? I say, go for it...push the envelope..make them think....let them know Jesus loves them and maybe, just maybe they will come to know who He is!

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Nina said...

I love your Type A personality and your tenacity when it comes to what you believe in! MERRY CHRISTMAS :O)