Sunday, December 09, 2007

Finally, Team #6

Team #6 consisted of Ismo and Christina (our gracious hosts for the weekend) and myself. Right now, Ismo really, really wants to move to Hawaii (it's a lot warmer there) so he has ocean front property on the brain right now!

Our Gingerbread House is actually the Hawaiian Love Shack!

You will notice in the back are two palm trees (pretzels and pineapple leaves)...two tiki torches are on the front corners....warm brown sand surrounds the entire island getaway (brown sugar)....while the occupants can look out at the rolling blue ocean (yes, there is a safety buoy out in the middle for those who can't swim well enough!), a rock beach is in one corner and a huge palm tree sits out front while a bon fire is underneath. There are coconuts to eat (filbert nuts) as well as bananas (runts)....just be might not want to ever leave The Love Shack!

Team #6 won the award, "Best Overall Award...because Amanda wants to get invited back to next year's party!" Remember, Amanda was one of the judges.

That's it ladies and gentlemen, all the 2007 Gingerbread House Competition Entries!

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