Wednesday, December 12, 2007

In Search of a....

Nan Pun Yau
Shannon and I and a girl from work went out to lunch last Friday and had Chinese food. These days on the back of fortune cookie papers is a Chinese phrase for you to learn. The English word or phrase is written out, and then in Chinese (yeah, my pronunciation is probably way off.
So here is the need to tell me what Nan Pun Yau means, and I'll let you know either when it has been guessed correctly or after a week or so (you might need to remind me). Good luck!!
**Answer** Nan Pun Yau means Boyfriend! Congrats to Marcie for figuring it out; however, she cheated by using Google and not her own thinking skills. But then again, isn't that why Google was created!!! What does she win (at least that is what she asked me)? Well, it just so happens that I have a fantastic Christmas card heading her way today, and I think she will enjoy it!!



I think that it mean "have a good day"

Rachel Ann said... are wrong....guess again!

Marcie said...

Nan Pun Yau means Boyfriend! (thank you Jesus for Google!)
Now what do I win again? LOL

Rachel Ann said...

LOL!!!! You sly cheater!!!

For you Starbucks! LOL...cuz I know how much you LOVE coffee! search of a boyfriend...that is why I go to Chinese restaurants to learn Chinese for boyfriend!

Marcie said...

LOL! Priceless really! I'll be sure to remind your future man (because there will be a man in your near future!!) about this post some day!
(ps. I'm a TOTAL cheater! I think Google was created for cheaters. Do you know when I don't know the answer on Noah's homework--I go to google. Yeah, I do it and yeah I'm proud! man...I've said too much! LOL!!!) You know you love me because you would do it too!

Marcie said...

Can I just say I LOVE my christmas CARD???
YOu know me all too well!
Thanks it made my Whole families day!!