Sunday, December 09, 2007

Team #3

Team three was Chris and Toivo (sorry no picture of them). So this is one of those houses where things kind of go wrong....let me try to tell you the scenario that Chris gave us.

Fifteen years ago, the house seen was bought and used as a rental property. However, over the years, the renters and some minor disasters played havoc with the stability and condition of this house. In the entire fifteen years, no painting was ever done to the outside. A fire started and burned a hole in the ceiling...back towards the chimney. You can't see in this picture but there are gun shots in the windows, the front door is hanging off its hinges and gang signs/graffiti are all over the sides. There is a row of Christmas lights along the roof that have been there for almost fifteen years and obviously don't work anymore. The renters were was shot in the leg and is bleeding...and even the Christmas tree was thrown out of the house. Obviously the house was put into Default and repossessed by the bank. Chris was trying to offer to sell it to Dan D., but he had to think on it for awhile!

Team #3 won the award, "Gingerbread house most likely to end up as an after school TV special."

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