Sunday, December 02, 2007

Teaching the Younger Generation

As a responsible adult, I know it is my responsibility to teach the younger generation of kids how to do things, how to act and speak, how to think for themselves, etc..etc... So in my overwhelming loving abundance (a bit thick you think?) I taught Mason the ins and outs of YOUTUBE.COM last night at Midnight! LOL!!!

I was still surfing around after watching The Santa Clause on tv last night and Mason came to sit by me on the couch...he had taken a very late nap yesterday and wasn't so keen on going to sleep at the right time. So we watched some videos on cats, frogs, Sesame Street, Elmo and Mickey Mouse. After a bit I was falling asleep and he was still going...but I ended our youtube session.

I am a going to be such a GREAT teacher, aren't I?

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