Monday, July 21, 2008

Courage Classic Bike Tour

This is Alissa at the top of Stevens last year!!

My dear friend Alissa is once again gearing up to participate in the 2008 Courage Classic Bike Tour...these men and women ride their bikes a in-humane amount of miles...going up the mountains all to support charity!

Alissa's charity is supporting the Mary Bridge Foundation which helps fund the Child Abuse Intervention and Prevention Program. We all know, or have known (or heard about) a child who has gone through some type of abuse, and we can make a difference in stopping this in another child's life. Donating just a few dollars, will help Alissa make her goal of $500 (that's not much...let's see it get higher!!!)...Click here to help out. I encourage people to match my $20!!


Nina said...

Match completed! Thank U for this post and the oppurtunity to help with such a wonderful program. Tell your firend Alissa she gets big KUDOS!!!

Rachel Ann said...


Thanks so much!! She did this last year with another friend of ours, and she simply amazed me...I could never do it!


Nina said...

I just love it when someone thinks about others and does something to help them. Believe or not that is why I got into L.E. (it wasn't about a power trip thing) I just truly wanted to help people.

But thanks again...I just wish I could have given more. Maybe next year :O)