Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Take Your Nerd to Work Day...

Mason came to work today for a few hours..
he has his own pair of safety glasses...however, there is no glass in them and he looks kinda like a nerd...a cute nerd, but a nerd nonetheless!!

Side Note: My sister is appalled that he came to work looking like he did today!! LOL...he dressed himself in a long-sleeve pajama top (he is still getting over a bad case of strept throat so he might be cold), long pants that are a bit short and shoes with no socks...plus I don't think he had a shower today!!! LOL...oh to be 4 again!


Anonymous said...

He is so cute, and I think I see Maddy on the side. Just want to wish you good luck on your test Thursday...I will keep you in my prayers..
Love ya,

Nina said...

Heck, my kids dress like that even when they feel fine...no worries. Before kids I used to think "What the H*LL was that Mom thinking?!?!" Now, as a Mom myself I look at the kids and think "aaah, isn't that cute, they dressed themselves today" "What a big boy/girl. :O)