Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I know this sounds retarded...

...but I am totally excited for Friday morning!!

I am going over to the other side tomorrow so I can take my test on Saturday morning. Tomorrow night I am spending the night with my sister Camille (who is about to pop...she is due to have a baby in two weeks).

On Friday, I am meeting up with my good, good friend Sarah and her son Quentin!! I haven't met Quentin since he was born in December, and I am totally excited to meet up with her. The dorky, retarded part? We are meeting at Target in Issaquah...and I am super excited!!!! We don't have Target here in ML (aka Moses Hole) and I am over the moon with knowing that I get to walk through Target for an hour, just looking, talking and checking it out....dollar spot, clearance, etc, etc....oh goody!

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Marcie said...

You never know how much you love it until its gone...sounds like ML is quite the town isn't it!?! HAHA