Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Is it considered eavesdropping when you are deliberately trying to hear a conversation? It's just that those conversing are LOUD!!!???!!!


Seriously...everyday I go to the bookstore cafe, I hear so many asinine conversations that it boggles my mind. Most of these conversations do occur between teenagers so that might tell you something right there.

The other day I heard one "older" teen (probably 16-17) telling a "younger" (maybe 13-14) all about drug possession and how if your caught it's a felony and they'd lock you up for good. She continued to tell the other person all about felonies, misdemeanors, and such...the sad thing is that she just sounded like a pompous teenager that knows everything under the sun. Sheesh...

Just now I heard two other girl teenagers talking about the applications you can add on MySpace (which are pretty much the same as Facebook), and she was specifically talking about a game called Mafia this is a fun game (I have Mob Wars on Facebook)....and how it just lures people into a life a crime. And if they accidentally shoot someone on Mafia Wars, then you just might go out and shoot someone in real life! Really!!!

Interesting what you overhear when you listen!

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