Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Here Fishy, Fishy...

When my Dad goes fishin' he really goes fishin'!!!

How would you like to look down in the Ocean water and see this trailing off of your hook? Hmmm.....I think not!

My Dad is the guy on the left in the sunglasses...he was in Florida last week and did a little Tarpon fishing. The fish that is in the water here is the same fish that they are showing off. My dad said that the fish bit and took off a runnin'...it took him at least an hour and a half to reel the sucker in!

And then what does he do? He lets it go back home to the water!!! I guess these aren't the greates fish to eat, and catching them is all about the sport of it!

Today is my Dad's birthday...Happy Birthday Pops!


Marcie said...

I like your dad already.
Catch & release ( lame movie ) good fishing ideas! thats a HUGE fish!

Rachel Ann said...

well, don't get too excited...he is off to Canada this week to catch fish that he can keep and eat!! and share with us kids!!