Monday, July 28, 2008

I was tagged with the i....

I got tagged by my friend Nina who recently moved from Puyallup, WA to Arizona.

I am: Loud...people always know when I am around!

I think: That life should be a musical...wouldn't that be so much fun ;0

I know: That I am going to heaven even though I am still a sinner

I want: To be done with school and be in my own classroom teaching

I have: Way too much scrapbooking stuff...I find it everywhere

I wish: That all my debt was gone (getting there but not done)

I hate: People who are habitually late

I miss: Puyallup....the comfort of having places to go other than Walmart

I fear: Never getting married and having babies

I feel:

I hear: Door slamming and Chris Cagle singing on the Ipod

I smell: No distinct smells right now

I crave: A nap

I search: For the meaning behind words and sayings

I wonder: What it would be like to live on a deserted island

I regret: Nothing...everything that has happened has been for a reason!

I love: Jesus

I care: About friends and family

I always: Wash my hair when taking a shower...can't go a day without

I am not: Perfect (I'll agree with Nina on this one)

I believe: in the person that God made me to be

I dance: only with my family

I sing: all the time...I'm not Mariah, but God gave me a decent voice and I love to sing and praise and worship

I don’t always: eat breakfast

I write: on my blog to let you all know what is up with me....and I write school papers

I win: and I gloat...not pretty I know!!! I have gotten lots better believe me!

I lose: my temper at dumb drivers

I never: go to bed before 10 pm unless I am sick

I listen: to music (country)

I can usually be found: At a computer either at work or for school

I am scared: of snakes, reptiles, lizards, etc.

I need: to lose weight

I am happy about: my life!

Tag you're it: Marcie, Jessica, and Holly well as anyone else who'd like to play!

1 comment:

Nina said...

Good job! Thanks for playing along and it was awesome to read your answers :O)

And gloat? I like to refer to it as "Bragging Rights" hee, hee

You ARE going to be a great teacher...I just know it!