Monday, July 28, 2008

Shannon and her fish...

This is my sister Shannon. As a young girl she was a remarkable salmon/steelhead fisherwomen (we had to be as we lived with King Outsdoorman himself!! If you wanted to spend time with went fishin'...however, I digress...back to the story!)

Shannon's goal while living here in Moses Lake was to catch a fish from the lake. They have gone out time and time again...and each time--NOTHING!!! Not such a fisherwoman anymore??

Anywho...Shannon, Ernie, Mason and their friend Mark went out this last weekend for something like 6 hours (WAY too long to try and fish in my opinion)...and Shannon finally caught her fish.

I know, I's a bit on the small side, but HEY she did it!!! How many of you can do that?

Anyways...I wanted to congratulate her and tell her good luck next time!


Anonymous said...

Cute pic!

Nina said...

Aaahh, brings back memories of fishing with my Papa. Nice post.

Tell your sister way to go!