Saturday, July 12, 2008


So I have exactly two weeks before my big WA State Content exam for history/social studies (aka...the PRAXIS Exam).

I'm a wee bit nervous! I know I can do it, but there is just so much information that can be on this test and it is a bit overwhelming!!! So I am here at the library to spend a day studying...can I tell you that I really love Wikipedia! They blurbs about subjects are short and concise at the beginning and then give further detailed info...if I can process a bunch of short, concise pieces and retain it then I think I will be good.

My test is scheduled for July 26 @ 7:30 am at Green River Community College! Pray for me!

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Marcie said...

Ohhh that is kinda early! But I will say you've been nervous about all your tests and have done so well! YOU CAN DO IT!!