Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dancing a Happy Dance


I've been on cloud nine since I got home tonight.

Upon checking the mail I saw that my test results were back from my Praxis exam I took in July...the test that I was so nervous about. Well, I had the envelope in my hands sitting in the car praying, "please Jesus just let me pass! please Jesus just let me pass!"

So I opened up the envelope with fear and trembling (a bit of an exaggeration!)...and lo and behold there on the paper appeared the magic word.....PASSED!!! Hallelujah!!

The minimum score a person can get and still pass is 157 and what did I get? Oh yeah...157. Minimum, but I still passed!


Nina said...

That a GIRL!!! WHOOOHOOO!!!! Now go celebrate :O)

FarmGirl said...

Yee Haw!! Conrats...and who cares what the score is...YOU PASSED!!