Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cool New Contest

I love finding cool new websites to look at, and I'll be honest...when those websites have contests going then I really get into it!! And when those cool websites offer contests that are scrapbooking related...well, step back cuz' I'm coming through!!

I found the website vanillajoy.com today, as a website I was on directed me her way because she was having some great scrapbooking giveaways going on...and she truly does!!! Right now I'm rooting for the Cricut...a must have I have determined!

This website has other great things on it as well, and is actually a great family fun website to look through! So wait are you waiting for...hop on over and check out what is going on...who knows you might win something too (but then I might claim a finder's fee....especially if you were to win the Cricut...you might see me in your craft room!)

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