Saturday, August 02, 2008

Iron Horses

On the way home last weekend, Maddy asked to stop at the Iron Horses in Vantage...just over the Columbia River. We weren't expecting it to be sooooo windy up there!!!

Fly Maddy Fly

I kept getting close to the edge to look over and take pictures...Maddy wasn't too happy about that

Maddy and Aunti

I guess she is hiding from the wind?


Nina said...

Cute glasses!

Anonymous said...

The pic's of you and the kids are so cute...Do you know of all the times we drove by the iron horses, I really didn't realize they were there until just recently! I didn't even know you could drive to them...but I guess they got there somehow hu? Maybe they haven't been there too long, of course I could have also forgotten, like that might not be possible. Heee
Love ya, mom