Thursday, August 28, 2008

How to Piss Rachel Off

Here is a sure fire way to piss me off...just in case you were wondering!

1. You--be a complete stranger to me!

2. You the stranger place yourself strategically in a dressing room at a local clothing store...better to get into the dressing room before I actually see who you are...that way we are still strangers.

3. When you, again a stranger, hear me and my niece (or daughter for all that don't really know do you???) talking listen in on the conversation (ok, I admit I do this all the time!!!).

4. While you are listening to the interchange ( asking Brittany a question TWICE because I couldn't hear her MUMBLE her response) PIPE up with what Brittany was saying in that tone of voice that suggests you think I am an idiot!


Yes that is how to piss me off! Doesn't seem like that big of a deal does it? But really, it me!

So I took Brittany pant shopping yesterday because my sister didn't want to deal with it (and now I know why....teenagers!!). We went to Fashion Bug and I finally persuaded her to try on a few shirts. I was standing outside her dressing room asking how a particular shirt fits and I had to ask the question twice because Brittany (like her Mom and Grandpa and Brother) has a tendency to mumble. I didn't hear or understand the answer; however, the lady next to me did!! She piped up, 'She needs a tank top!'

Ok, so I know I'm being petty and a bit exasperating, but....

1. NEVER answer a stranger

2. I was trying to get Brittany to speak in a clear manner that I could understand. She, the teenager, needs to communicate clearly!!!

3. It just really irritated me!

OK, OK I'm off my soap box!

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