Saturday, August 02, 2008

Kiddos are not allowed to stand on my chairs and do the Happy Dance!!!

Maddy and her free slice of pie from Shari's (they messed her order up the other night!)...sloppy child!

Hmmm.....what did you not understand about no happy dances on the chair? Although this looks like your fake mean face!


Of course, she doesn't let me take the picture. She has to go in the bathroom and do it herself. What is up with teenagers and that side smirk that they all do in their self-portraits? I don't understand...but then again I am 33 and probably am not supposed to understand.


Nina said...

The pics of the kiddos are great! I found an awesome church down here (alot like P4Square, but on steriods! Christ's Church of the Valley) and the service was on teenagers! It was GREAT to hear some things from their point of view!

It was a little weird for me though...all of a sudden I felt really old...when did I get old Rachel? I should add a post about this topic, huh?!

Rachel Ann said...

LOL...we are only as old as we feel...let's agree to only feel 25 for a long, long time!