Saturday, August 02, 2008

Carter's Dedication

Rodney and Holly's son Carter was dedicated last Saturday. Pastor Roger was obviously having a good conversation here with Carter!

Everyone praying for Carter. Holly...way on the right is due to have Ellyson Ann on September 16 (hmm...who's birthday might that be????)


Marcie said...

hmmmm...Sept 16th sounds SOOOO familiar for some reason....I think...OH I got it!! ITs James' birthday!!! YAY! LOL! (ok and your's too! Now I have NO excuse to forget yours, which makes you special because I can't remember ANYBODY's birthday!!)

BTW, thanks for sitting next to me @ church that night.

Nina said...

Aaahhh, makes me miss home :O( I loved Rogers sermons! Nobody can top his energy and SPIRIT! Glad you got a chance to get back and go.