Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Mason!

Ok...first of all, this is a self-portrait byMason...he got ahold of the work camera when Ernie had it at home last weekend and was taking pictures when no one was looking. We found pictures of the dog, the couch, Maddy, and quite a few of himself....I suppose he learned that fancy trick from his Auntie Rachel!
Today is Mason's 5th Birthday!!! Goodness I remember when he was just born, and now he is five and starting Kindergarten this week. Goodness where does the time go?

Mason is a funny kid...literally, I think he could be a comedian. He has perfect timing with the things that he says, and yes, I do think that he knows what he is saying and that it is either going to cause us to laugh out loud or cringe and think, "OMG!! I don't know this kid!".
He is such a sweetie patootie though...just look at those sweet cheeks and tell me you couldn't love him too? I love you Mason!!
PS...Halloween is a big deal in our family and I have Mason convinced to let me dress him as a vampire and jump out of a coffin, that Ernie is going to build for me, that is going to be in the front yard when we have a rip-roaring fantastic Halloween party!


Nina said...


Too funny, we love Halloween too! I just went to the Halloween store today to find costumes for my brothers party :O)

Rachel Ann said...

what did you decide on? Halloween is on a Friday this year...super exciting.

Anonymous said...

Love You, Grandma

Nina said...

Still not sure...I was a little overwhelmed. We are trying to decide if we should go as couple type costumes or do individual costumes. Bella keeps going back and forth between Ballerina (again), witch (she likes the hat) or a princess (not much different from the Ballerina costume).

what about you????