Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Present Time

Britt got him a batteries though!
Hmmmm....what could be in this big bag?
I love that he has to stand on the chair to get into the bag!

Why, oh, why does there have to be so much paper???? This must be from my Auntie!

Look what Grandpa bought (aka...look what Auntie bought for Grandpa because she is his personal assistant!! LOL!!)...a new camera!

He loves this camera...he even took it to daycare/preschool this morning. Last night he thought he was pretty funny taking pictures of butts...especially Brittany's. And then like a typically boy he starting taking pictures of the front of our pants and making comments with weanie in it! At that point you know he has had too much sugar and needs to go to bed!

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