Sunday, August 24, 2008

Family PIctures

Here are some pictures of our visit last weekend to my sister Camille's house. This is Maddy and Elliana...just 11 days old and opening those eyes for quite a bit...looking around at us wondering why we are all looking at her!
Here she is again...Elliana Rose (born August 6th)...just checking things out...making sure we are all doing ok!
Auntie Rachel and Elliana...look at how she is looking me! She loves me!

And of can you forget this cutie? Here is Dajia...she of course wasn't interested in the baby while we were there, but was more interested in the fact that there were kids to run around with...Mason and Maddy!!! She did not want to go to sleep the night we were there, she fought it until the last breath she took...long after Mason, Maddy and Aunt Shannon were asleep!

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