Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kindergarten I'm not the Mom of this totally cute little boy! But I don't have kids to blog about, so nieces and nephews are the next best thing...right?!!
Here is Mason on his way to his first day of Kindergarten! He still goes to daycare/preschool in the morning...gets picked up at lunchish time and driven to school.
He's been totally excited for this day!!!

Here he is with his HUGE backpack and a big ol' grin!

Here we go Mom! I'm ready for this, really I am!

Welcome to Classroom 9, home of Mrs. Clausen and the afternoon kindergartners.

Alrighty, he started get a bit nervous once we actually got to the classroom and he realized that he was really finally at big boy school!

I'm not sure if he realizes what he's in for here.

Kids giving their supplies to Mrs. Clausen. Mason really, really, really didn't want to pass over those brand new supplies to his teacher. He gave a few to her then came back to sit down and thought he could keep the rest...he thought for sure he was going to get to keep them!

Coming back in from a tour of the school (they went out while we stayed in and listened to the teacher give an orientation). Already lost his name tag...hmmmm!

Here he is giving Mom a hug goodbye! What a big boy you are Mason! **Sniff, Sniff**

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