Thursday, September 18, 2008

1000th Post

Break out the Champagne....this is my 1000th post!

WOW!!!! 1000...that is such a large number, and I reached it one month shy of three years blogging. For some this post would have come a lot sooner....for others, they are still a long way off!

I'd like to thank all the people in bloggerville that take the time to stop by my blog and read it....I hope I can entertain you in some small way. I'd like to thank Marcie for encouraging me to post so she can have something to read at work! :) I'd like to thank Nina who I kind of met through blogging even though we went to the same church, but now is so far away....hope you are doing well. I'd like to thank my Mom and Susana who leave comments but do it anonymously (well, they sign their names...) since they are not bloggers! I'd like to thank the random people that have left posts advertising some get quick rich scheme, and even the person who left a comment in Spanish...with them my heart always skips a beat as it thinks, "yeah, someone read my blog and left a comment" only to drop when I see who it is!

I'd like to thank my sisters who have graciously endured hours of labor and raising children so that I have subjects to write about and to take pictures of. Without them, this blog would be pretty darn empty!

Most importantly...I'd like to thank myself. Because, let's be honest, Rachel Ann's Place wouldn't be a blog, well, without me!!! I have to do all the writing (and no, I don't stage writers' strikes)....I have to be the creative genius....I have to be the technical advisor when things go wrong....I have to deliver to you, my faithful followers!

I'm looking forward to the next 1000 posts...who knows the places we will go and the adventures we will take! Jump on board and see where this train is heading!


Marcie said...

(overly dramatic bow!)
You are SO welcome!
I feel like we wouldn't know each other w/out our blogs you know??
Here's to another 1000!!!

The Mommy said...

Wow that is a wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations! My blog is still relatively new, and I'm working on getting to post frequently. It's very hard with four children and one husband (actually a fifth child - but don't tell him that) that are constantly clamouring for my time!

By the way, I had to choose a new winner for my journal giveaway, and it's YOU! I've emailed you the details. Congratulations on 1000 post, here's to 1000's more!!!