Monday, September 15, 2008

I am 34!!

Well, I am almost 34...tomorrow is my birthday!!! Whoo-hoo.....

So I thought I would come up with 34 facts about myself....

1. I was born on September 16...and officially adopted and taken home on the 19th of September!

2. I have two sisers...Shannon (who is 8 months younger) and Camille (who is 7.5 years younger).

3. I have never been in a serious relationship (and have never kissed a boy!)

4. My favorite color is BLUE...the water, the sky, the water....

5. My favorite number is 8.

6. My favorite restaurant was Chang's Mongolian in Kent, but they closed so my new favorite is Impanema in Seattle.

7. I hate wearing socks and shoes...I love to go barefoot!

8. I started Kindergarten at 4 and graduated from high school at 17

9. My favorite music is country

10. My favorite singer (right now) is Michael Buble

11. I hate gardening...probably because my parents made us pull weeds out of the garden all the time..ick!

12. I hate camping...I've had one too many bad camping experiences through out my life

13. I have never broken a bone in my body...and no major sprains either.

14. I am considered legally blind if I do not wear my contacts!

15. My middle name Ann is after my Grandma Patricia Ann

16. My first car was a green Ford Fairmont...I loved that car!

17. I played clarinet in elementary school

18. I switch from an instrument to choir in Jr. High

19. I have lived in 3 states....WA, GA and CA

20. I have traveled to Europe and Asia

21. I love the Puyallup Fair (and I get to go tomorrow)!!!

22. Even more, I love Disneyland...and my goal someday is to go to EuroDisney.

23. I'm planning on going to Greece next year when I turn 35!

24. I'm 34 and almost done with school! I will be finishing my Masters Degree sometime next year.

25. I am terrible at remembering the words to songs...Susana thinks it is one of my better qualities!! LOL....and my sister Shannon just thinks I am a dork!

26. I love to Scrapbook!

27. I name my cars.....Haus was my car in college, Freddie was my Ford Explorer, and now I have Sadie my Saturn!

28. I don't like Chocolate...once I left a bag of Valentine's candy in my desk and work and months later when Susana found them still there she about panicked because there was chocolate not being eaten!

29. I have been a babysitter/nanny, lifeguard, medical assistant, receptionist, substitute teacher, retail clerk, promotional person for a radio station, administrator and many, many, many other "things"

30. My true calling is to be a teacher....if I have to stay in the workforce...because my true, true calling is to be a wife and mother...but that hasn't happened yet.

31. I haven't drank pop since December 31, 2007...coming up on one year.

32. I am extremely luck in winning contests (especially off of the radio)...I won $500 once!

33. I love Jesus

34. I am totally random....totally in love with life....fairly easy going.....very flexible (not physically but just in life)....I am ME!

Thank you Jesus for deciding that September 16, 1974 was the day for me to enter into this world. I couldn't have made it this far in life if I wasn't a Christian and didn't have God directing the footsteps of my life. I have been given wonderful parents, wonderful sisters, a great extended family and tons of supporting friends that I have met over the years. No one is in my life by accident...and I treasure each and every person that has come my way!

PS...If you happen to be at the Puyallup Fair on Tuesday look around for me...I'll be there ALL day long!


Anonymous said...

Haaaappppyyyy Birrrrtttthhhhdddaaayyy!!!!!
Hope you have a great day....Have fun at the fair... Ride rides, eat unhealthy stuff, especially cake, walk around and see lots of interesting people, dance a little, sing a little, all the wrong words hopefully, and thoroughly enjoy yourself!

Happy Birthday,

Nina said...

I hope you have the BEST 34th Birthday EVER!!!

I miss the Fair :O( Please eat some scones and corn on the cob for me!

Marcie said...

Ok so I guess having a b-day on the 16th is a pretty great day! I mean you do share it with one of my fave people!!!

looking forward to learning more random things about you in your blog and watching us grow old together. Who knows!? Maybe we'll go to Zim one day together and visit our little buddy. (because I don't know if I got enough guts to do that trip alone! Know what I mean!?)

Tinabean said...

Happy Late Birthday!!!
I hope you ate some cotton candy for me at the fair.
I love the 34 facts about you.
Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Rachel Ann said...

PS...#3...ME TOO!!!