Friday, September 26, 2008

Free Disneyland Tickets!

I know all of you enjoy FREE things...and I know all of you have to LOVE Disneyland. If you don't just absolutely love going to Disneyland (and California Adventures) then I think you might have a serious problem. It probably means your inner child is screaming at you to let him or her out once in awhile....let loose and have FUN!!!

Disney has been doing amazing marketing the last few years with the year of million dreams (or some other random number!)...and now they are letting people come to Disneyland FREE on their birthday during 2009! All you have to do is register your birthday and you get in free that day. All ready own a season's pass? No worries...they are giving you a card filled with money (the amount of your ticket) to spend on merchandise inside the gate, or offering you a Fastpass deal....they are honoring all birthdays next year...isn't that grand?!!


Rachel Ann said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow, isn't Rachel Ann just a wonderful name? I see other people think so too!
Wow, I bet I might actually get to go to disney land next summer on my birthday? Have never been there! Won't say how old I am either..heee Thanks for the heads up!
Love ya,

Nina said...

I am sooooooo registering my WHOLE family for this!!! We love Disneyland!!! Thank you for posting this :O)