Sunday, September 28, 2008

I hired a Cleaning Service...

On Wednesday night Maddy came and asked me if she could come to my house Thursday after work and clean my house. She was going to the movies Friday night with her friend and needed some spending money. She figured she needed $14...enough to buy a ticket, popcorn and dibs...

So...I hired a cleaning service for a few hours on Thursday!Here is the list she had to complete...not too bad. I mean dirty can a house with just one person get? She is quite the negotiator...she told me my house was a $20 job, but that she was being nice and making me only pay the $14....hmmm...wonder what standards she uses for determining the cleaning price of someone's house?

She wasn't so sure about cleaning the toilets!!! But hey cleaning house really means clean the things that don't get cleaned all the time!

Here is my smiling Maddy (after having done the toilets!)

Not only did she have to vacuum upstairs, the actual stairs, but she had to do the downstairs as well!

And here she is with her hard earned money...but hey, that looks like $15 not $14...I guess she got a tip!


Mama's Losin' It said...

Ha! I didn't realize you were talking about your daughter and I was all "yay!! good for you getting a cleaning lady" and then I saw the picture and was all "she looks like she's about 12!" and THEN I realized you were talking about your daughter.


I'm quick like that. Way to go Maddy!!

Nina said...

Way to teach her the value of money!!!

BTW, thank you for the wonderful compliments on my blog :O)

teampischke said...

you are such a good aunite.

Ronnica said...

I love, love, love the expression in the toilet picture! That seems like a reasonable job for $14 (plus tip)!